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Build a Firewood Storage Box

If you have a wood stove or a fireplace in your home, then you more than likely have dealt with the issue of storing your firewood. While the bulk of your wood naturally would be kept outdoors, there needs to be a way of keeping a ready supply indoors near the stove or fireplace.

Power Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Owning a home, means maintaining a home. In order to do so properly, there is a basic arsenal of power tools that each homeowner should have at their disposal.


Walking in a Winter Wonderland

11/28 - 1/04/2015
From November 28th-January 4th 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm, stop by Clearbrook Park for Frederick County's Annual Light Show! These are the memories that will last a lifetime! Stop by the cabin and warm up with some hot chocolate, cookies and maybe a run-in with Santa himself!